Welcome to Ipswich Scottish Dancing

Scottish Dancing in Ipswich

Dear dancers,

A Happy New Year to all.  2023 will be an exiting year for Scottish Dancing in East Anglia with two major events. Firstly it's the 100th anniversary year for the RSCDS, and the Norwich and Cambridge Branches are combining with the Anglo Scottish Society Ipswich to hold a celebration dance on 24th June.  Then  the Anglo Scottish Society of Ipswich will be celebrating its 60th anniversary at a dance on 15th July -  see our 'What's On' listings for more information and for other event being organised by the local societies. 

Classes are up and running and looking for new members, and we have had a few enquiries through this website.  So if you are interested in finding out about Scottish Country Dancing and having a go, please get in touch via our contact form.  It's better than a gym. Well we think so anyway!

On this website we try to list the events that are happening in our area, and hope that it will encourage people to go to them. However, numbers are currently down which may be partly that people are 'being careful' about meeting up outside their own area, but also of course that some people have not returned to dancing.  It is very much up to us to revitalise our dancing scene by supporting these events, else they will fade away. 

A lot of dances are now held in the afternoon rather in the evening to eliminate the late, dark drive home, which will help many people.  But we do need to encourage more of our class members to come to the dances if we can, particularly those who may be a bit daunted about a full programme.  Advertising only goes so far, but going as a group and car pooling may help to build the numbers again.

Happy dancing!!