Ipswich Spring Afternoon Dance

Ipswich Spring Dance 9th March 3:30pm St Albans School, Ipswich

Swiss Lassie R   Cramond Bridge R
The Jubilee Jig J   Toyboys of Toowoomba J
Greenmantle S   Neidpath Castle S
The Glenalmond Gamekeeper R   The Plantation Reel R
Quarries' Jig J   The Cooper's Wife J
Slytherin House S   The Minister on the Loch S
Joie de Vivre J   Crossing the Line R
Dundee City Police J   Seton's Ceilidh Band J
Miss Eleanor S   The Byron Strathspey S
The Cuckoo Clock R   Bratach Bana R

All dances will be talked / walked through


Tickets @ £6 from Gay Tickler – 01379 586068

Or email: martintickler@hotmail.com


Please bring a plate of food to share and a plate to eat from.

Soft drinks will be provided, bring your own alcohol for the meal if you wish

Saturday 9 March 2019 - 3:30 pm
St Alban’s Catholic High School, Digby Road, Ipswich IP4 3NJ