Woodbridge Scottish Dance Group

Bredfield Village Hall, The Street, Bredfield IP13 6AX

The Woodbridge SCD Group meets at Bredfield (just outside Woodbridge) on Wednesday or Thursday evenings (check the schedule).

This January 2023 we will meet every Wednesday, as the hall is available for us. Then from February we return to the normal schedule shifting the class to the Thursday following the third Wednesday in the month.

Scottish country dancing is a fun and social way of exercising both body and mind, and we welcome beginners as well as people who may have done Scottish dancing or similar before.  Soft shoes and lightweight clothing is all that is required to start with.

We teach you how to dance, as well as the dances, but the emphasis is always on fun and enjoyment of both dancing and music.

The cost is currently £3 per session*, and you are welcome to drop in to see what it's about, and to try it out for one session free.

Christmas Party 2018

Please see the schedule of dates and times below.

Venue: Bredfield Village HallThe Street, Bredfield  IP13 6AX

See Google Maps for directions.  There is plenty of parking available.

Schedule Spring - 2023

We meet on Wednesdays 7:30 - 9:30 pm except for the 3rd Wednesday of the calendar month, when we have to move to Thursday (as the hall is unavailable on the Wednesday).  Exception this January: the class will be on Wednesday 18th not Thursday 19th.

If in doubt, give us a call.  Let us have an email address and we'll keep you updated each week including with a list of the dances we'll be doing. 

Most groups seem to pause during the summer.  We don't!! So do come along. We can open the doors and windows when it get warm.

For more information, contact:

Teachers: Chris Dix & Agnes Dix-De Hert - tel:  01473 890537

or email woodbridge@ipswichscottishdance.org

*   The class is run by the Anglo Scottish Society of Ipswich and a £3 annual membership fee is also required to cover insurance and music licences.

Some of our members videoed the Norfolk Broads Hornpipe as there is currently no reference video for this dance.


That seems to have gone well, so we then videoed Eileen Watt's Reel.


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